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Learn To Play Drums With Metallica
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Learn To Play Drums With Metallica

Learn To Play Drums With Metallica
Everything You Need to Know About Starting to Play Drums!
Greg Beyer

Lær at spille trommer gennem Metallicas musik. Metoden lærer dig at spille via Lars Ulrich's teknik og bandets melodier.
* Pris: 135,00 dkk.
* Nodehæfte med cd
* 64 sider.
* Bredde x højde: 23 x 30,5 cm.
* Levering: Klar til afsendelse
Om den medfølgende CD:
 ...the play-along CD is a wonderful learning tool. ... The tracks contain the examples in the book, both in full tempo and in slower versions when appropriate. The recording is 'Drumming obly', so it allows you to hear clearly everything that Ulrich did without it being drawned out by the resr of the band.
  Bogen indeholder en gennemgang af Metallicas albums, samt 11 kapitler - for eksempel:
 Choosing Instruments--minimum requirements
 Setting Up--Your Drums and Your Body
 Understanding Drum Notation
 Quarter Notes and Rests
 Time Flow
 Ride Patterns--Rhythmic Ligaments
 Time Signatures--A Caution
 'Ride the Lightning', 'Leeper Messias', and 'Low Mans Lyric'.
 16th Notes and Rests
 Double Time Feel and Half Time Feel
 Tom-Tom Grooves
 The Dot
 'Jump in the Fire', 'Trapped Under Ice', 'The Thing That Should Not Be', 'Of Wolf and Man', and 'Welcome Home (Sanitarium)'.
 Beat Flipping and Polymeter
 Problems with Notation
 'Fight Fire with Fire', 'One', and 'Blackened'.
 Form--'The Big Picture'
 Reading and Playing a Full Song
 'Seek and Destroy'.

Eksempel - Et af bogens talrige eksempler: